“…and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday”
(Isaiah 58:10 NIV).

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       In 2001-2003 , we carried out ‘Help to the Borderline Villages’ program, as a result of which the dwellers of borderline villages (Zedea, Newad, Vardan, etc.) were supplied with food and clothes. When they came to know God as the Master of the Universe and a loving Father, they prayed, and the draught in that area, which lasted for 10-12 years, stopped. The villages thrived, the roads were repaired and job opportunities were created.

      Zedea was a place for eagles, not humans. The people who lived between those cliffs and the sky, preserved their sense of beauty. Their faces reflected life, not suffering. Though these people did not have water, they were tidy. They lived in homes with poor conditions, but they did not lose their noble spirit. They had life in themselves. God knows the kind of support each person needs. It is true, though, that Zedea’s people lived in poverty; however, they did not need alms, but help, to stand strong and to help others.


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We are very, very thankful to the Mercy Ministry “Go and see”. Despite the deadly obstacles on the road to our village, the team of servants lent a helping hand to us, bringing us food and clothes, as well as toys for our children.

They urged us not to leave our homes and villages, to stand firm and cry out to God with faith, because He can take away the desert and return the once thriving and flourishing village back to its former state. We asked God in faith that our area, that had been forgotten by many people, would flourish again.

Today, everywhere you strike a shovel, there is water flowing. Some businessmen have come to our village and created jobs. They have even built a new wide road to get to our village.

We are grateful to the Mercy Ministry for not allowing us to leave our homes, for teaching us to pray and trust in God, but at the same time, not to sit idle, because God helps those who are interested to help themselves and get off the ground.

Residents of the village Nyuvadi

We are the residents of a village called Zedea. We would like to inform you that we have followed your advice, changed our way of thinking, firmly decided not to leave our land but to cry out to God so that He would create opportunities for us to live a full human life and educate our children.
Today our situation has changed dramatically. Our gardens have blossomed, our village has its own school now, our houses are being repaired, and new jobs are being created due to the businessmen who come to our village.
We are grateful to you for being with us in our difficult times, helping us with food and clothes and lighting the light in the lives of our children.

Residents of the village Zedea

Nvard Hayrapetyan
Badal Vardanyan
Murad Gevorgyan

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