“He raises the poorfrom the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes, with the princes of his people”
(Psalm 113:7-8 NIV).

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I n cooperation with Administrative District of Arabkir in Yerevan, we have carried out ‘The Movable Canteen’ program, distributing food to 400 people 3 times a week. Among the participants, there were students, representatives of professional classes, lonely old people and disabled people, who were in adverse social conditions.

       The advantage of ‘the Movable Canteen’ was that the products (meat, vegetables, fruit, and sweets) were distributed to each home. The addresses were provided to the Ministry by the Social Department of the Administrative District of Arabkir.


I t was a very difficult period of war and blockade. There was no electricity, no water, and the worst thing was, people had no hope. Every day I barely managed to do my homework and went to my cold bed, to quench the feeling of hunger. One such cold and nasty day, a group of young people came to my home. To my surprise, they were very happy and their eyes radiated with peace. They told me that they were believers. They found out from the Administrative District about my social conditions, and decided to help me by bringing so much food once a week, that would supply me with hot meals and groceries for that week. They kept visiting me for a full year and helped to overcome and to be filled with hope. I saw God’s love in them. Before that, I had not even heard about God, but today I praise Him, as He helped me in time of need and revealed to me that He exists. Today I work myself and I am ready to help others in need.

Karen Dilbaryan, 21

studied at the university with my sister. Our parents did not work because of high unemployment, and they could not go into business. We had many hungry days. One day, when we were back from studies, we saw a lot of food at home. We started to shout from surprise and joy. We were told that some young people visited us, who believed in God. Later we saw them often at our home. For 2 years, they were bringing hot meals and food to us, 3 times a week. We praise God for His help during those difficult years. I am grateful to those young people who volunteered in the Church both in cold winter and in hot summer, and because there was no transportation, they often went from door to door on foot, bringing food to many people like us.

Narine Hovakimyan, 19


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