May 6, 2018 nagasaki


              I am Maghtagh, 30 years old. Looking back at my life, I understand that the devil has stolen my best years.

             Before I was 14, I lived in Russia with my family. Everything was well, but when we returned to Armenia and started to live with my grandmother and aunt, arguments and physical abuse started in our family. The situation got worse when my mother started to attend a Church. My father was categorically against it. He started to persecute my mother; several times, he even tore her Bible.

              In 2005, my father beat my mother and threw her out of home. The reason was her third pregnancy; all of us were against it. My brother and I, already grown-up, were embarrassed; what would our neighbors think about it? My father treated her in a very bad manner; he used to beat her all the time for her to lose the child. Praise the Lord, because my mother understood that abortion is a willful murder, she made up her mind to keep the child at any cost. Finally, my mother was left on the pavement, helpless and alone. My brother and I stayed with my father, grandmother and aunt. They did everything for us to deny and forget our mother. For more than 9 years, I had no contact with her, and every day I hated her even more.

            Later I found out that all the time, my mother prayed for us in her prayer closet, believing that one day we would return to her, would know the Lord and would walk in His paths.

            In the house of my father, I did not know God and lived in “freedom”. Finally, that freedom threw me into fornication. Life was meaningless for me, and I did not care what people would think about me.

            However, God is merciful. He did not let me perish. At my workplace, He had me meet a believing couple, who told me about God every day. Every word of theirs was breaking my heart of stone and restoring me. They started to teach me English. Every time during our lessons, we spoke about God, and I started to love Him even more. Finally, I repented and gave my life to the Lord. Soon I left my father’s home and eventually found my mother. I asked her to forgive my indifference and hard-heartedness, as for years, I blamed her for leaving us and choosing God instead. I said that I acknowledged my mistake and wanted to walk with God together with her. My mother held me and accepted me in her home. She lived with my little brother, who was born by the blessing of God. Together we underwent many difficulties, and with the help of the Lord, we overcame impossible situations. I entered the Bible School. During that period, my father started to persecute me as well. He blamed me in theft. I was summoned by police; a lot of fuss and trouble started. However, God rescued me from this difficulty as well. Because of lack of sufficient evidence, the case was closed.

          Soon I met my future husband, and we married. My husband was an alcoholic; however, together we tried to fight this addiction. Everything seemed to be well, but it did not last long. In a short while, he died in an accident. That day I was in hospital, as I just gave birth to our child. My life turned upside down again. I moved to my mother with my newborn child, as we did not have a house. The loss of my husband was very grave for me. My mind seemed to be distorted; I became secluded, aggressive, and completely lost myself. However, God again opened a door in my life. I heard about the Center of the Social Ministry “Go and See” and started attending it. In the Center, in the atmosphere of love and warmness, I started to talk to people again.

         Today I do not feel lonely. God has put such people by my side who always help me, encourage me and lift me up. Day by day, I feel changes in my life. My prayers and my relationship with God have been restored. The Holy Spirit comforts me and helps to overcome my grief, to quit disappointment and to take new and bold steps. In the Center, I attend many study groups; I learn English and clothing design. Someone has given us their flat, where my little daughter and I can live for a while. I look forward and see that I am an overcomer.

          I thank God for His endless mercy. I always ask Him for wisdom to be able to bring up my daughter according to His will. I want to sow true faith, love and godliness in her life, so that she does not repeat my mistakes. I believe that she is going to have what I did not have. Praise my Almighty God!

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