Miracles happen where people believe

April 12, 2018 nagasaki

Miracles happen where people believe

I am Michael Kocharyan. My parents are God-fearing people. I want to tell about a miracle that happened in my life. Years ago, when I was 7 years old and my parents were preparing all the necessary documents for my school, they took me to a medical examination, which showed that I had poor eyesight. Even my parents had not noticed it. The doctor told us that my right eye saw only for 30%, and of my left eye for 20%. They also diagnosed me with astigmatism, which is considered an incurable disease. I 

remember the doctors told me in the hospital that all my life I had to wear glasses and be under constant medical supervision, and that even if my eyesight would improve, that disease would still be with me all my life.


I always attended Church with my parents. At that time, I was very little to fight my disease with prayer, but my mother did it for me. She prayed for me earnestly, with great love and faith. Every time we had prayer for the sick in the Church, my mother laid her hand on my head and asked for my healing, believing that the Lord would heal.


September 1 came soon, and I went to school in glasses. My classmates were mocking at me, calling me different names, “Blind”, “Shurik” (a Soviet Movie character in glasses), etcetera. I was so grieved because of that. I felt inferior. Almost every day my mother came to school with me, spoke to my teacher and urged my classmates not to taunt me, but in vain.

Years passed, and during one of the Church services, when the preacher called people forward to pray for healing, I went among others to receive my healing. That day, when we came home, I announced that from that moment on, I would stop wearing glasses. My parents were afraid; they started to urge me to wait at least for the next medical examination. However, I resolved that for me, it was the last day. I was only ten then.  


Some time passed, and we went to a scheduled examination. During the examination, the doctor, confused and amazed, said, “The eyesight of your son is 100 percent restored! The glasses helped!” Right then, I said that I had not been wearing glasses for a long time, and that it was God’s miracle; it was He that healed me! The most amazing thing was that my astigmatism, the disease that is considered incurable, was also gone!


Whatever is impossible for medical doctors is possible with God!

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