May 6, 2018 nagasaki


            My name is Arev, and I am 17 years old. I was born in a village, in a poor family. I did not have a father, and my mother was unable to support us. That is why my two brothers and I attended a boarding school

. We were at home only during summer holidays. In the boarding school, I had a close friend, Ovsanna, who was a believer and told me about Jesus. Every evening we read the Bible for Children and prayed together. Ovsanna told me that if I asked Jesus for something, He would certainly do it. I asked Jesus all I wanted. I dreamed to be rich, to have a good life and good parents. To tell the truth, I did not even believe that my dreams would come true. But they did come true, because God is glorious, and He does not leave our prayers unanswered.

          Our family had a friend, a woman, who lived in Yerevan. She used to visit us in our village, each time bringing gifts. One day, when I was in the village, she came and invited me to her home in Yerevan for several days. I agreed. I liked it so much there, that I did not want to return to the village and even more, to the boarding school. In several days, Gayane (that was her name) asked me whether I wanted to live with her and be adopted by her and her husband Manuk. I surely agreed. I prayed that they adopted me as soon as they could. After a while, they adopted me, and my life changed. I started to live in Yerevan with my new family that was well-provided for; my dream came true. First I missed my mother and two brothers, but then I forgot about them, as I did not have many memories of them. The city was so different from the village. I was red-cheeked. Other students in school mocked me for both my appearance and my cheeks. I was way behind my classmates in knowledge. My parents hired a private teacher, who worked with me after classes. Praise God, in a year, I became an A-student! However, I needed to change in so many areas of my life.They did everything for me to become a good person. We went to Church together. However, even though God answered my prayers and did miracles in my life, I did not believe in Him personally. I did not understand how much He loved me, and what He had done for me. I often had disagreements and arguments with my parents. We had different characters, and often had misunderstandings. For years, they tried to set me on the right track, but all was in vain. Sometimes they just were at a loss and used to say that if I didn’t change, they would send me back. I was tired of my mistakes and wanted to change as well, but I was unable to do it in my own strength. A friend of my mother advised to take me to the Development Center of the Social Ministry. My mother did not believe that it would work at all, but it was the last chance to help me, so they decided to try.

             It is already for several weeks that I attend the Center, and I feel good, happy and important. I found many friends, who, to my amazement, want to talk to me, unlike my classmates. A psychologist in the Center works with me on a regular basis. During these several weeks, there are notable changes both in me and in my family. I attend all the study groups in the Center. I am especially glad that I will take part in the “Emerald City” theatrical performance.

             I want God to be glorified in my life. I believe that with Him, I can succeed. He will help me, because there is nothing impossible for Him. Nothing in my life has happened or will ever happen apart from His will. Praise the Almighty God!

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